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7 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in NYC

Having been through the tough legal system, I’ve felt the fear and stress of facing criminal charges. Yet, I’ve also seen how great lawyers can make a huge difference. That’s why I want to tell you about the 7 best criminal defense lawyers in New York City.

These lawyers have made it their mission to defend people accused of crimes, whether it’s assault or white-collar crimes. Using their many years of experience and deep knowledge of the law, they’ve won some amazing cases. They’ve earned praise not just from other lawyers, but from the people they’ve helped.

If you’re up against drug charges, DUI, or sex offenses, the best criminal attorneys in NYC can help. They know how to build a strong defense that fits your case perfectly. These lawyers are passionate about getting justice. They also know the ins and outs of the local criminal defense scene, making them your best bet for great legal help.

Key Takeaways

  • The 7 best criminal defense lawyers in New York City are recognized for their expertise, track record, and commitment to their clients.
  • These attorneys specialize in handling a wide range of criminal cases, including assault, drug violations, DUI-DWI, sex offenses, and white-collar crimes.
  • With over 100 years of combined experience and a focus on personalized attention, the top NYC criminal defense lawyers strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for their clients.
  • Clients facing serious charges, including federal crimes, have had favorable results working with these leading criminal law practitioners.
  • The top criminal defense attorneys in NYC emphasize protecting the rights of the accused and leveraging their deep understanding of the local legal system to obtain the most favorable resolutions.

Expertise and Experience of Top NYC Criminal Defense Attorneys

When you’re charged with a crime in New York City, getting a top criminal defense lawyer is key. Some of NYC’s leading law firms are well-known for their successful client representations. Below, we highlight three of these standout firms.

Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates P.C.

Paul D. Petrus Jr. & Associates P.C. is led by Paul Petrus. He’s a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer with 21 years behind him. Known for tackling various criminal cases, their firm is recognized for being in the top tier of nyc criminal defense firms and criminal defense law firms nyc. They are respected as a major player in criminal law in NYC. Paul is considered an expert in the field.

The Law Offices of Julie Rendelman LLC

Julie Rendelman runs The Law Offices of Julie Rendelman LLC. With 31 years under her belt, she’s a go-to for criminal defense, particularly in sex crimes, drug cases, and violent offenses. Her courtroom mastery has made her one of the top nyc criminal law experts. She is known as a leading criminal lawyer in nyc and a key figure in the premier criminal law practices in nyc.

Mazzei & Polk LLC

Mazzei & Polk LLC is a standout in the nyc criminal defense firms and criminal defense law firms nyc category. Teaming up strong attorneys, Jennifer Mazzei and James Polk, puts them in a league of their own. With each boasting 17 years of experience, they’re recognized as key leading criminal lawyers in nyc and premier criminal law practices in nyc.

7 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in NYC

Today, we’re looking at more top criminal defense lawyers in New York City. We’re highlighting four exceptional lawyers. They have the skills and dedication needed to defend clients against many charges. This includes assault, white-collar crimes, and more.

Michael Paul

Michael Paul has 35 years of experience in criminal law. He’s highly respected and has a perfect 5.0 Google rating. Michael is known for his strong dedication to his clients and his ability to handle complex legal issues. He is one of the best criminal lawyers in NYC.

Protass Law PLLC

Harlan Protass, the founder of Protass Law PLLC, has over 20 years of experience. He’s highly skilled and has great ratings on Facebook, Yelp, and Avvo (all above 4.6). Protass Law PLLC focuses on strong legal defense. Harlan and his team are ready for even the toughest criminal cases.

Pardalis Nohavicka LLP

Taso Pardalis and Joseph Nohavicka lead Pardalis Nohavicka LLP. Together, they have almost 50 years of experience. They have perfect 5.0 ratings on Google, Avvo, and Facebook. These respected lawyers use their deep legal knowledge to help clients. They aim for the best results in every case.

The Law Office of Gina M. Wicik

Gina Wicik started practicing criminal defense in 2015. Even though she is new, her work has been praised by Expertise.com. Gina’s passion for the law and her hard work have made her stand out. She offers focused and strong defense for her clients.

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